Stewart also writes short stories, novels, published poetry under the pen name of SJ McGarry, and has won many awards including being honored as a poet fellow from Noble House of London.

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The Adventures of Cluck-Cluck began when a darling Golden Yellow Nape Parrot arrived at Toshi's Exotica Pet shop. A little voice warbled out, 'hello,hello,hello.'  The owner of the pet shop fell in love with this sweet little guy.  She named him Cluck-Cluck because he made this little clucking noise when he got excited. He became famous when he was subpoena to go to court because of a burglary at their home. The lawyer's overall aim? To prove that 'Polly Parrot' could talk and told the burglar to "Come In." To add insult to injury, not only did they mistake Cluck Cluck for a girl bird but also used a girl bird name! From that point on,  the rest is history as Stewart began gathering funny stories about Cluck Cluck and situations that happened at their family pet shop .

Stewart  has an MFA degree in Letters; Creative Writing-Fiction from National University in La Jolla CA and also writes SCI/FI Speculative Fiction for young adults under the pen name of SJ McGarry.

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